Rewards: Gain credits, earn badges

Everything you do at Eiman Academy is rewarded because your time is to your credit!

Credits (Or Points)
You are are awarded credit for the successful accomplishment of specific activities you perform within the EA environment. Credits are:

  • Redeemable points: you can redeem them within the environment e.g. to purchase a course
  • Social points that measure your social popularity and/or your participation
  • Experience points that showcase your practical maturity in a subject

All these points also measure your behaviour and progress. They serve as continuous and immediate feedback as well as a guide to help you leverage your assets and make informed decisions for your learning path, your occupational choices and your everyday life.

Points - Credits - Rewards


10 Credit Awards

  • Login
  • Web visit
  • complete h5p interactive content
  • EA signup
  • complete a LD quiz
  • complete topic / unit
  • Complete module or lesson
  • Complete course or class
  • Successfully pass a quiz
  • Complete quiz at high grade

Leaderboards indicate your rank in comparison with other learners for a particular activity. This is a beneficial motivator if you are competitive. If you are not, and you consider yourself your only competition, then simply disregard leaderboards. We might still mention it to you, if there is an achievement of note though.


Your avatar is the image that represents you in the learning environment. We can help you create one that best fits who you think you are and the person as whom you want the world to see you. Your avatar must be unique.

Badges or achievements

You earn Badges for your achievements. Your collection of badges show the goals you have achieved, the levels you have reached and your status. In a way, just like points, they provide feedback on your performance, progress and the groups you belong to within the EA community. There are rarely allocated badges such as honor learner, EA star or Referral Hero which provide you both a certain status in the community and a lot of freebies including free courses, free extra support and more.


In some cases, you also get stories. These provide a meaningful, overall goal-oriented narrative context to the learning environment.