Creating Online Courses

This course covers the pedagogical and practical aspects of creating and delivering online courses (e-learning). It includes successful e-learning models and best practice, instructional design, content development, assessment, choosing a suitable e-learning platform (learning management systems or LMSs) and other practical tools and explore a great variety of these.

Module 1 : Course Introduction - Maximum 8 hours.

Rationale & importance of this course, instructor and learner’s introduction. Online course project inititation and definition

Module 2 - Online course project planning - 8 hours.

Experience online courses as a learner, explore SWOT, confront your and your audience’s perception of online learning. e-learning models

Module 3 - Online course design - 8 hours.

Outline, storyboarding, sourcing and technology evaluation

Module 4 - Online course development - 8 hours.

Content authoring and gathering, assessment, activities

Module 5 - Online course implementation - 8 hours.

course upload, platform setup, pilots, marketing, publishing, administration and more.

Module 6 : Evaluation - 8 hours.

How data is acquired, stored, processed and output?

Module 7 - Management - 8 hours.

Processes and tools used to create various media.

Module 9 - bonus: Online courses on WordPress - 8 hours.

Processes and tools used to create application software.

Module 10 - Final Project - 8 hours.

Practical application of the skills acquired and development of portfolio.

Manuella Essaka, MSc. MITOL


Manuella is a 20+-year e-learning seasoned professional. During that time, she’s trained over 300 educators in businesses and Higher Education to create and deliver online courses, in real-time and asynchronously, online, face-to-face and blended, using over 100 different tools on the web, the desktop, and mobile.

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This Programme’s Target Audience

This programme is a 360 introduction to creating and delivering online courses, designed for:

  • educators looking to put their courses online
  • content creators (bloggers, vloggers, writers, authors, etc.) and subject matter experts (SMEs) who want to optimise and market their content wider and scale up their business
  • anyone interested in harnessing the Internet to share their unique ideas in a structured way in order to help others to achieve their dreams or better understand life.

Tools used

Rapid elearning authorware, word processors, presentation tools, web and mobile technology, learning management systems, multimedia tools…

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