Creating your own online courses


Initiating, planning, designing, creating, publishing, managing, marketing online courses


e-learning is enjoying an increasingly popularity. Everyone and their neighbours has decided to join in. Alongside machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, it presents not just a new digital gadgets (although not so new but “popularisingly” so) and a new way to monetise life in the digital ages.

e-learning is more than the presentation of information, it is the engaging and retention of students, understanding how people learn, what people want to achieve in your subject, how your subkject can make a difference in their lives and careers.

Over 800 e-learning systems are competing to revendicate that they are the ones with the light, almost forgetting that the art of life in all its forms, whether digital or analogue, face-to-face or online, is and remains, across all changes of fashion, gadget, preferences, (remains) content.

This course does not just help you choose the best technology for your individual requirements, it helps you formulate your needs, understand how e-learning can help you fulfill them and create more effective courses, how to formulate, structure, granularise and arrange your content to best deliver it, what learning styles are and how they will help you cater for your learner needs and preferences, why and how taking accessibility into account from the outset makes your course more powerful, more inclusive and more profitable, showing that e-learning is more than just the latest buzz words (no doubt it will soon be replaced by one of its many other names digital learning being the one I would go for).

Let us start understanding, designing, creating, delivering and managing E-Learning in 10 modules.


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