Tech2Gether ICT Training – Apr, May, Jun 2017 – ~12 hours

In May 2017, I was asked to create a 3 days course that will give a quick ICT training introduction. The then called Tech2Gether ICT training took place for 4 hours a day for 3 days, one in April, the second in May and the third in June 2017. It presented a quick introduction to ICT that consisted in a basic introduction to ICT, hardware vs software, the internet and the world wide web. We focused on web technologies, in particular HTML markup and CSS styling.

The focus was decided by the pupils, aged 10 to 16. We found that the demand was there for something short that was like dipping your toe in the ICT waters without diving too deep or anything like that, just having an idea of what is going on and what can be done.

The course was redeveloped to …

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