Digital Marketing

This course provides both a conceptual and practical awareness and understanding of the fundamentals of Digital Marketing. It fosters an appreciation of the importance of the discipline and the various ways in which it helps businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals, attract ideal audiences and convert them into loyal customers. These basic builing blocks of digital marketing literacy are useful transferable skills in employability or a strong stepping stone to a career in the subject, whether as a general digital marketer or in one of its specialised areas.

Module 1 : Course Introduction - 8 hours.

The importance of this course, instructor and learner’s itroduction.

Module 2 - Digital Marketing Intro - 8 hours.

An overview of Digital Marketing and a first practical homework to help you start thinking like a marketer.

Module 3 - Digital Marketing strategy - 8 hours.

Learn how to formulate a DM strategy and develop an action plan that help you achieve your business goals

Module 4 - Ways of marketing - 8 hours.

Explore different tactics and tools used to market brands and businesses

Module 5 : Marketing Collaterals - 8 hours.

Know which marketing collaterals better serve a marketing strategy and learn how to create them.

Module 6 - DM Channels - 8 hours.

Evaluate and optimize website, mobile, social media and much more

Module 7 - Content Marketing - 8 hours.

A complete guide to why and how to do effective Affiliate Marketing, the most passive income producer.

Module 8 - Email Marketing - 8 hours.

Processes and tools used to create application software.

Module 9 - Affiliate Marketing - 8 hours.

Why and how to optimise affiliate Marketing including for passive income

Module 10 - Measuring Success - Analytics - 8 hours.

Measuring Success – Analytics – Business and social key metrics and tools.

Manuella Essaka, MSc. MITOL


Manuella has been working in IT for over 20 years, and has completed over 1000 IT projects for businesses, private ventures, educational and non-profit organisations.

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This Programme’s Target Audience

This programme is a 360 introduction to the basics of digital marketing designed for:

  • traditional marketers who want to enrich their efficacy and complement their knowledge by adding related digital literacy
  • any entrepreneur and busines owner wanting to increase their reach, reputation, traffic and clientele and make informed decision to efficientliy achieve their business goals
  • anyone wanting to gain prized transferrable and marketable skills, and conceptual and practical awareness and knowledge of one of the most in demand and used skill in contemporary economy and society.

Tools used

Web and mobile technology including browsers, search engines, SEO tools such as Google Analytics, content management systems in particular WordPress, e-commerce software, multimedia tools and many more…

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