An Introduction to IT

This course provides both a conceptual and practical awareness and understanding of the fundamentals of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It fosters an appreciation of the importance of ICT and the various ways it can be experienced or used to facilitate and benefit everyday home, work and social lives. These basic builing blocks of digital literacy are useful transferable skills in employability or a guide to further specialised study in an IT career.

Module 1 : Course Introduction - 1 hr.

The importance of this course, instructor and learner’s itroduction.

Module 2 - What is IT and why use it - 1 hr 30 mns.

Defining Information Technology and showcasing through examples.

Module 3 - Exploring different areas of IT - 2hrs 30mns.

Different areas of IT, examples of careers and skills that can be acquired.

Module 4 - The basics of hardware - 1hr 30 mns

Computers and their components

Module 5 - Understanding the basics of software - 2hrs.

Exploring word processing, presentation, media and other software.

Module 6 : Data & data processing - 1 hr.

How data is acquired, stored, processed and output?

Module 7 - Multimedia data creation - 2 hrs 30 mns.

Processes and tools used to create various media.

Module 8 - Creating software - 2 hrs 30 mns.

Processes and tools used to create application software.

Module 9 - Using the Web - 2 hrs 30 mns.

Processes and tools used to create application software.

Module 10 - Final Project.

Practical application of the skills acquired and development of portfolio.

Manuella Essaka


Manuella has a Masters in Natural Language Processing, basically Computer Science and Linguistics and has been working in IT for over 25 years, including at the University of Manchester for 18 years and in the commercial world until she went full-time freelance.

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