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Eiman Academy is the result of over 20 years creating, delivering and taking online courses, award-winning instructors and continuous learners’ feedback. Our courses are engaging, interactive, user-friendly, gamified, and profit learners and instructors. We help learners achieve their outcomes with excitement and educators transmit their best.

Interactive Courses

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Our unique courses are thorough, well supported and highly interactive. They are delivered by the best instructors worldwide, who have proven their abilities time and time again.

Information Technology

Awareness, conceptual and practical digital literacy skills: computers, the Internet, the Web, software, hardware, data, multimedia, cloud, development life cycle, programming (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP…), security, and more.

Life Guidance ♠♥

Motivational, inspirational and guiding advice on dealing with every day life situations.

Multimedia Assets Design

UX / UI Design, illustrations, presentations and slides, photos,  storyboarding, video editing; using multimedia tools

Arts, Music, Literature

Get help writing lyrics, books, poetry, music, releasing or publishing those in the new arts industry.

Project Management

Successfully delivering projects within time and budget, and meeting business goals and users’ expectations and needs.

Business Management

Skills and tools that help businesses self-manage,  present their brand, compete, grow, stand out and thrive including Office tools e.g. Word, PowerPoint, and many more.

Content Mastery

Writing, editing, SEO-proofing articles, books, erat eros, fringilla et leo eget, viverra pretium nulla.

Body and Mind Health

Sports, athletic & rhythmic exercises, e.g. dance or yoga, games, nutrition, and more help us control our bodies, develop grace, suppleness and strength and mind agility, flexibility and emancipation.

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